In the Beginning (2000) – By Jason S. Lockard


Biblical epics have been part of the film industry since the beginning. The good folks at Mill Creek Entertainment have released the 2000 mini-series entitled In The Beginning on DVD.

The 2 part mini-series broadcast on NBC and follows in the footsteps of Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments. This mini-series covers stories ranging from Creation to the Ten Commandments. This epic was filmed in Morocco and Budapest, Hungary and is an amazing account of the beginning of the world.

The cast of this mini-series is a who’s who in acting history. The cast is headlined by Martin Landau as Abraham, Jacqueline Bisset as Sarah, Billy Campbell as Moses, Eddie Cibrian as Joseph, Fred Weller as Jacob, Steven Berkoff as Potiphar, Christopher Lee as Ramesses I, Art Malik as Ramesses II, Rachael Stirling as Young Rebeccah, Diana Rigg as Mature Rebeccah and so many more.

This DVD includes the almost three hour mini-series. The audio and video quality is great and the DVD menus are easy to access.

So if you love biblical epics as much as I do, this is a must own for your DVD collection. Head over to or your local video provider and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: violence
Audience: families
Genre: drama
Length: 2 hours 53 minutes
DVD Release: 2016
DVD Rating: A