In the Dark (2015) – By Loida D Garcia

In The Dark, or…. just another exorcism movie.  Young girl starts experiencing some odd and frightening events while living with her mother.  So much so that the only place she feels safe is in the basement amongst her paintings.  Just because I say that it’s another exorcism movie doesn’t mean that it’s bad, I’m just referring to the premise of it.  

Overall this was an okay film.  It had some really great moments, others that put a new twist to an otherwise overly done genre, and some moments that were very eh.  I feel that this film is one draft away from being truly amazing.  Some scenes are too prolonged and presented in a way that causes one’s attention to drift (Look!  A bunny!) and yet they are key and important moments.  One example of such a scene is during the backstory of the demon.  In that scene there was too much focus on the professor talking for lengths of time and not enough natural breaks or flashbacks.  Therefore causing the audience to just drift away.  

Below are my thoughts as I watched the film (possible spoiler alert):

●    So far high end from the beginning.
●    The title sequences looks amazing.
●    Voice volume needs to be higher.
●    Interesting title sequence, it never ends….
●    Acting seems a little forced, not bad, just not fluid.
●    Eh on the set decor.
●    The paranormal office cork board is not naturally put together.  Too displayed, pops out too much.
●    “Masochistically watch the evening news”
●    All backstory given in one shot….too much.
●    Too coincidental that the professor has the tape already ready to be played.
●    Alot of “The Exorcist” was mixed into the back story of the young boy.
●    Not sure about the “boyfriend” character.
●    They don’t have the chemistry of a couple at all.
●    There’s a lot of “The Entity” in this movie as well.
●    Maybe it’s the script not the acting.
●    What they say does not flow naturally.
●    Sounds like the director forced the actors to stick to the exact lines written in the script instead of allowing the actors to find a natural fluid flow to the conversations.
●    To pointing seems too out of place.
●    They should have just kept it at a gaze.
●    The pointing only works and looks good when it’s a little kid doing it.
●    The artwork is amazing.
●    Interesting vomit scene.
●    The baby naming scene was way too forced.
●    Buckley’s exist was his best acting yet!  Seriously portrayed and handled that scene beautifully.
●    OMG reaction from “Mom” was too delayed.
●    It had my full attention at the beginning but as it progresses I find my attention sidetracking a bit….unfortunately.
●    Lack of being into the characters.
●    I’m amused by her trying to play psychologist to the demon.
●    The ending was interesting-ish.
As you can see from my notes I found that the acting was a bit too forced.  There is a time to stick to the script and a time to just let the actors find their own way to tell the story with a natural flow.  The scene where the demon is being psychoanalyzed was a nice twist though.  I don’t recall ever watching a movie where someone actually holds a real conversation with a demon possessing another individual.  I somewhat feel that they should have delved a little deeper on that.  

Overall it’s an okay film.  There is a lack of drawing you in but the story is a decent one.  A bit vanilla but okay.

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Red Box

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Taleggio