In the Dominican (2010) – By Brian Morton

We’ve all seen movies about the search for a lost loved one, whether it’s a father, mother or whoever, they tend to all be the same, the bad guy has the person and the good guy has to fight for his loved one’s freedom. Well, Adam Macdonald has taken that kernel of an idea and taken it somewhere completely unexpected with In the Dominican.

Alan is searching for his brother and believes that Carl knows where he is. Carl is less than forthcoming, although he leads Alan to believe that he knows his brother’s location. Carl wants to know more about Alan, and as the questioning commences, it’s revealed that Alan’s brother has been involved in some less than desirable activities, activities that even Carl (who’s revealed himself to be a less than upstanding citizen) is put off by. When the two return to Carl’s home to find Alan’s brother, the ending will make you flinch and then think.

Good and bad are turned on their heads, and then there’s a woman who appears that I really wanted to know more about!! In the Dominican is a cool little short that takes good and evil and mixes them up quite a bit! I’m giving In the Dominican 3 1/2 out of four cigars, its only downfall is that I really wanted more information about what the hell went on! You can find out more by heading over to