Incident at Public School 173 (2012) – By Brian Morton

Young love is a very powerful thing. We all know it, everyone remembers the first person they had a crush on…whether you remember their name or not, you remember who it was! Well, a new movie from Andrew Tilley, Incident at Public School 173, mixes young love with the best possible scenario for a young boy!

A young man is sitting in the lunchroom, with his best friend, when the girl of his dreams walks in. A story that his friend has heard about a thousand times!! But, today is different, today he’s going to actually talk to her. As he makes his way toward her, their eyes meet, time stands still, and someone starts a food fight! Suddenly, the lunchroom descends into chaos and it’s up to our stalwart hero to rescue his true love from a fate worse than lunch!

What’s really great about Incident At Public School 173 is the mixture of young romance with warfare, because the food-fight in the lunchroom quickly becomes full scale war, and it’s fantastic! If you’ve ever seen a war movie, or if you’ve ever had a crush on someone, you’ll LOVE Incident at Public School 173! I’m giving this amazing short 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s definitely going on my list of ‘you-have-to-see-this’ shorts! You can head over to and see it for yourself….and go there now, it’s a movie that you really don’t want to miss!!!