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Before requesting to have your film reviewed, please make sure to read the Film Submission FAQ in the Submission Info section and then contact the editor to request the review and get the shipping address.

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Please contact us after the 1st of next month to send in your review requests.

Rogue Cinema is always on the lookout for new writers to join our regular staff of volunteers. If you would like to join the Rogue Cinema team, check out the Submission FAQ and then contact the editor to discuss your proposed submission(s).

The Unseen Things Series

Duane L. Martin is the author of the adult contemporary fantasy series, Unseen Things.

You can find out all about the series including where to purchase the books in ebook format on the official website.
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Rogue Cinema - April 2014

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Editor's Note: Please read about our new open/closed status system for review requests here, and check for our
current status in the Contact & Submissions block on the left hand side of the screen before submitting your requests.

An Interview with Joe Atkinson
By Philip Smolen

Writer/director/actor Joe Atkinson has made a wonderful sci-fi short film called “The Last Day” which is about a future society where your 70th birthday is your last day on the planet. Phil Smolen got a chance to interview Joe at length about his awesome new movie. Read...

An Interview with Mark Thimijin and Karis Yanke
By Kirsten Walsh

Mark Thimijan is a director with a vision. Karis Yanike is an actress with heart. They sit down with RC's Kirsten for a Casual Conversation about their unique film, “She Lives Her Life”. Check it out! Read...

An Interview with P.J. Starks
By Kirsten Walsh

There are a ton of awesome film festivals around the country and around the world at this point, which is awesome for independent filmmakers. P.J. Starks is a filmmaker turned festival director for the “River City Festival of Films” that takes place every March in Owensboro, Kentucky. A festival that prides itself on supporting independent films and film in general.  This year the festival featured some incredible films and some awesome festival guests! The third time was the charm with this festival, which has been getting more and more attention as it has consistently grown. Starks also is a host of “Unscripted: An Indie Film Xperience”, which is a mini-showcase that features short films with commentaries! Read...

An Interview with Adi Shankar
By Kirsten Walsh

Within the past few years, there has been a shift in the world of filmmaking. The audiences are more demanding and interactive, and the film budgets have slowly been shrinking. But producer Adi Shankar isn't flinching. Producer of Dredd, Machine Gun Preacher, Killing Them Softly, and Lone Survivor, Shankar is pushing the action genre to the brink- and beyond. Read on to see just what this young man has up his sleeves! Read...

An Interview with Eric Casaccio
By Brian Morton

A couple of years ago, Brian had the chance to see a short film called 'Freak', about a cross-dressing man who, despite being up for a part in a movie, based on being a cross dresser, found himself being devalued and bullied by a neighbor who he first thought to be a friend. Well, the short was amazing and he spoke at the time with the filmmaker, Eric Casaccio. Well, Eric is at it again with another short, 'Narcissist', about a relationship that's not at all what it should be. It was yet another tremendous outing from Mr. Casaccio, so he had to catch up with him to find out more about 'Narcissist', as well as what else is going on with this talented up-and-coming filmmaker.  Read...

Rogue Cinema's Sleepover Girl - April 2014
By Duane L. Martin

It's been exactly four years since our own Kirsten Walsh last graced our pages as a Sleepover Girl, which is far too long.  This month she's back, and now with a directorial debut under her belt in the form of her latest film, Hopscotch.  Read...

And for you girls out there who would like to become our next Sleepover Girl, there's a whole info page set up telling you just how to go about it.  So check it out and get in touch with us today, and you could be the next Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl! Read...

I Love Bad Movies
By James A. Roberson

Also, check out James' Facebook page for more I Love Bad Movies and you can also check out his motion comics here.

Also in this issue...

Some films are just eerie and they haunt your dreams long after the credits roll! One of these films is our film this month, Carnival of Souls featuring star of the month Candace Hillgoss. Read...

Plus reviews of:
 11 - 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Volume 1 - All This Time - Blood Cousins - Broken Record - Bruised - Call Girl - Camp Dread - Cavemen - Commitment - Confession of a Murder - Davis Farm - Different Drum - Final Five - Fit-Boy - Game Companion - HogMaul: The Legend of Abrams County - Hollow Triumph - Horror Double Feature - Jebediah's Axe - Last Action Hero - Lucky (Christian) - Lucky (Brian) - Odd Thomas - Pacing the Cage - PMS Cop - Return to Nuke Em' High Volume 1 - Roadracers - Salvage/Memory/Mortuary Triple Feature - Schoolgirl Report Volume #12 - Seven Warriors - Stranger - Stop - The Best of Pete the Pooch - The Best of the 80s Volume 2: Southwest Championship Wrestling - The Campground - The Dinosaur Experiment - The Gambit - The Last Halloween - The Picture of Dorian Dardar - The Tragic Meltdown of Pussy Ralph - The Truth About Emanuel - The Wrath of Vajra - Tom Holland's Twisted Tales - World's Greatest Dad

Comic Reviews:
Doc Savage #4

Television Reviews:
Holliston: The Complete Second Season - Starsky and Hutch Season 1

Animation Reviews:
Dennis the Menace Volume 1 - Human: Playing God - War of the Worlds Goliath

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