Infected (2015) – By Jason S. Lockard

Zombie are taking over our world. On TV, movies, comics, it seems everyone is making a zombie story. Well, into the oversaturated market comes another zombie film from Image and RLJ entertainment, this one entitled Infected.

When a globalĀ  pandemic turns most of the population into flesh-eating monsters. A handful of survivors and remnants of an army squad find refuge in an elementary school in the suburbs. But as the infected are slowly but surley breaking down the barriers and the food is running out. The survivors realize time is running out as well.

The story is sort of the same as all zombie films not really anything new here. The acting is believable, but the best part of this film is the special effects and make-up the zombies really jump off the screen.

So if you love everything zombie well, than this is a must have for your collection. Head over to your local DVD provider or to and pick up your copy today.

Moral Rating: heavy profanity and sexual content
Audience: Mature audiences
Genre: horror, drama, action
DVD Time: 120 minutes
DVD Released: 2015
Rating: B-