Infection: An Independent Zombie Movie (2013) – By Brian Morton

Zombies have officially replaced vampires as the ‘cool monster’ of the moment. It seems that you can’t turn anywhere without being faced by the undead, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. A new movie from HD Productions, Infection: An Independent Zombie Movie, has thrown it’s hat into the zombie ring too!

Infection is the story of a young man who’s just having lunch with his girlfriend when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. When his girlfriend is killed by the living dead, he escapes in fear, but is overcome with self-loathing. He meets a zombie hunter who tried to teach him how to survive in this new reality, but he fights back and doesn’t want to learn to kill. Can he survive in a land of zombies without killing?

Infection isn’t a bad movie, it’s just an ultra-low budget movie that seems to lack a bit of imagination. It’s an admirable first attempt at a zombie movie, but, in these times, when zombies appear on our TVs on a daily basis, you really need a new take to make your project stand out, and HD Productions didn’t really give us that. I liked the idea behind this, a seasoned zombie hunter taking a newcomer under his wing, but the story didn’t pan out very well, and there was a huge section when I’m sure people and zombies were fighting, but the screen was too dark to see anything…so I was left to figure out what might have happened.

I’m giving Infection: An Independent Zombie Movie 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a great zombie movie, but HD Productions shows that it’s got great heart and a love of the genre, I’d love to see them take a bit more time, work on a story that involved a bit more character and maybe a bigger budget (which is easy for me to say, I know!) You can check this interesting zombie short for yourself over at