Instantly Dated: Best Space Western Ever – By Chris McQ




Did you ever have a favorite movie that you liked to fall asleep to. My favorite one used to be 2001: A Space Odysey. But the monkey scene in the beginning just became to much for me to fast forward past. So these days it’s Sean Connery’s Outland. The film was directed by Peter Hyams, the guy who directed 2010. How’s that for my last few thoughts coming full circle? Like Hannibal on the A-Team used to say, “Just put it.” Oh no, wait, that’s Eric Lappe from Let’s Get. Hannibal from the A-team used to say, “Why did I star in that Roger Corman Battle Beyond the Stars movie with Richard Thomas, John Boy from the Waltons”? I’ll tell you why, because it was awesome!

Now back to the subject at hand. Director Peter Hyams wanted to do a western, but no one wanted to produce one in the 80s. So he made a western in space.

The film is best know for its scene with a guy getting out of his space suit and his head exploding. A lot of people think this is the best part of the film. Heck, maybe they should’ve not called the movie Outland. Maybe it would have done a lot better if they called it Guys Head Explodes in Space. Hey I’d see that! Reminds me of Scanners. Thank you David Cronenberg. Love that Michael Ironside!

Outland was actuallly the first motion picture to use Introvision. Introvision is a front-projection process that allowed film makers to view a finished composite of live action and plate photography through the camera’s viewfinder on set and in real time.

But seriously, if you haven’t I suggest you watch Outland on Video 2000, just for fun. Yeah, the video 2000 format. It really is a thing!

The Video 2000 format was meant to go head to head with VHS and Betamax. Philips made the format from 1979 to 1988 for European, Argentinian and Brazilian markets. So why is it such a big deal? You could flip over the video cassette, just like an audio cassette tape. How rad is that? Also, remember how you always had to adjust the tracking on your VHS tapes? Not with Video 2000, because Video 2000 had Dynamic Track Following technology. So boom!

So let me know if you watch Outland because of this review. Or if you remember it already? Also, whaddya think of this whole Video 2000 thing? Kinda crazy, right?