Into the Dark (2014) – By Josh Samford

When you get a low budget independent sci-fi venture in your mailbox, you don’t always expect to get something that is actually set in outer space. It’s a goal that few filmmakers have the technical ability to achieve, and for many it probably seems like wishful thinking. However, with technology being in the hands of so many, there are numerous filmmakers out there tackling precisely the sort of stories that they have always wanted to tell. Into the Dark strikes me as just that sort of project. Director Lukas Haasel uses all of his capabilities to tell a very large story within 14 minutes, and he certainly manages to succeed.

Into the Dark is 14 minutes in length, so the plot summary obviously has to be pretty brief. Thankfully, there really isn’t a whole lot to go over with this one. Essentially, the story focuses on two men who awake to find themselves inside of a capsule that is being hurled towards the earth. The two men are strapped back-to-back within the capsule and they are unable to see one another, but they spend the following ten minutes getting to know each other.

Into the Dark truly has few weak elements to actually discuss. From a technical standpoint, the movie is marvelous looking. In this regard, it is probably one of the most impressive independent shorts that I can remember seeing. The digital FX are handled incredibly well, the sound design is textured & unnerving, and the performers are both of a very high caliber. Although they reveal very little to us, the wild things that are inferred to the audience make them both out to be fascinating creatures. The short is built within its own universe, but it is filled with so many bizarre and intriguing ideas that the viewer is left wanting more.

Into the Dark is definitely a short to look out for. I know that after watching, I can’t wait to see more from Lukas Haasel. Into the Dark is a promising work that definitely deserves to be seen, and I hope more people have the opportunity to check it out. If you’d like to read more, you can visit the official website: