Into the World 2: A Toddler’s Tale (2013) – By Duane L. Martin

A couple of years ago (roughly), I reviewed a short documentary made by Logan Starks with the help of his father P.J., all about the birth of their new son Connor. The film was a good experience for Logan, and a good introduction to the world of film making that his father P.J. has been a part of for a good many years now. It also helped him to sort of deal with the new baby coming into the home, and helped create a sort of a bond with him.

Now Connor is two years old. He’s walking and talking and is just adorable, and Logan has made a new short documentary about him called Into the World 2: A Toddler’s Tale, again with some help from his father.

What these shorts are, are really just a slice of one family’s life. We’re dropped into their world for a short time to see the experiences they go through, see their relationships with each other, and in general, get to spend a little time with a loving family as we see how their youngest son has grown from a baby, into a two year old that’s running around all over the place, laughing, playing and having a good time. It’s just nice to see a loving family interact with one another. The particular focus of the film is Connor, but we get to see the whole family, and some friends at various points as well.

The film is nicely edited and has a good running time for the content. One particularly impressive thing about it is the selection of music they used, as it really added to the professional feel of the film, while the film itself feels like a home spun documentary about their family, so you really get the best of both worlds.

I think, as with the first one, people who have kids will identify with it and enjoy it more than people who don’t, but there are several funny moments, and a whole lot of sweetness that can be enjoyed by anyone. Hopefully, as Logan continues to grow, he’ll continue to make films and learn all he can from his father. I know other film makers who have passed the craft on to their children, and it’s really a wonderful thing for a parent to be able to share something like that with their child.

If you’d like to see the film, you can check out the atricle along with the film on the Sugg Street Post page here, or you can see it directly on YouTube on the Verite Cinema channel here.