Into the World: A Baby’s Tale (2011) – By Duane L. Martin

Having a baby is a traumatic experience for any family, but when you already have a child who’s six years old, that experience can be even more of an adjustment for them. Suddenly, they’re not the only child anymore. Some of the focus is taken off of them and given to the new baby, which can leave that child possibly feeling a bit neglected, resentful, left out, or whatever. It’s the parents’ job to find ways to keep their older children from feeling this way, or at least to minimize that feeling to the best of their ability. P.J. Starks is a director I’ve known for a while now, and he and his wife have just recently had a baby, and he found an incredibly creative way to help his six-year old son Logan to adjust to the change. They made a film together documenting the events and experiences surrounding the birth of his new baby brother, and then they worked together on editing it and putting the whole thing together.

So what came out of this father and son project? Well, the film is credited to Logan, with his father mostly just assisting in the process, teaching him how to edit and what not. The end result is a short film that documents their experiences in the hospital right after the new baby emerged into the world, the friends and family who came to visit, and how Logan responded to it all. It’s a very nice, well edited film that can be easily identified with by anyone who has gone through the experience of having a new addition to their family. I personally haven’t, but the happiness that everyone was experiencing really came through, so that even someone like me who’s never experienced it, can tell what a life changing experience it really is for everyone involved.

The film footage itself was shot by P.J. and is about what you’d expect this type of footage to look like. There are two things however that really make this film shine. First, it was very well edited. It moves along, never lingering on one part or another for so long that it becomes boring, yet lingering on each scene long enough to really feel the experience. The second thing that really stood out for me was the music. It was entirely appropriate to the film, mixed in perfectly and really complemented the whole experience.

In the end, this film was a success. I think this was an absolutely wonderful way to help Logan to make the adjustment, and it really serves as an example of what a little creativity and some healthy father/son bonding can do to help a child to make those sometimes difficult adjustments. Plus, Logan got to experience what it’s like to make a film, and hopefully as he grows up, this experience will lead to more experiences, and he’ll share the same love of film making that his father has.

Not everyone has the ability to to something like this, but for those that do, give it a shot. Kids, especially nowadays, can learn things and do a whole lot more than people tend to give them credit for. Logan Starks and his father have proven that.

If you’d like to check out the film, you can see it here.