Intrigue (2015) – By Levi Anderson

Intrigue is a short genre film, but what genre? It opens with a secretive meeting between 2 covert agents with horrible accents, both trying a little too hard to show the other that they are more than what meets the eye. A man, a woman, some mysterious and unpronounceable weapon with the potential to topple an entire nation, some diamonds, and a poorly hidden handgun.  What could go wrong? If you said “everything”, you wouldn’t be far off.

With light-hearted fun, director Mikel J. Wisler brings the audience into a campy spy thriller, and just when you think you think you’ve figured out each of the possible ways the story can go, he pulls the rug out from you in the most unexpected way, bringing some very authentic laughter and finishing the short movie in a most relatable way.

Without giving too much away, the genre-jump is nothing mind-blowing, but it is unexpected and really makes this short one that you’ll want to watch again and share with some friends or family that you know will “totally get it.”

Mikel J. Wisler is a part of a group, Stories by the River, and you would do well to check out his short “Intrigue” at: and more of he and his creative team’s other works at: