Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy (2012) – By Jason S. Lockard

I love monster movies! The mummy was once the dreaded slow predator that has since been replaced by the zombie! When I receive Isis Rising I was very hopeful that the mummy was making a comeback!

The film follows six college students taking their last course in archeology before graduation. Their assignment is to uncover and document the museum’s new acquisitions, but as the night goes on they awaken the ancient spirit of Isis’ lost soul and her wrath is unleashed on the group.

Now the story sounds great, but the execution left a lot to be desired. The opening sequence of Isis in Egypt was horrible, you could tell this was green screened and badly as that! The actors in this film just felt like that didn’t care that much! The story drags and the dialog is just filler.

I wish I could say I loved this film, but sadly I can’t. The humor was not funny. the horror was not terrifying, and the special effects were not impressive. But if you want to check out the trailer and maybe pick up a copy for yourself. Head over to today.

Moral Rating: Some adult situations and language
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: sci-fi, horror
Length: 80 minutes
Released: 2014
Our Rating: D