It Came From Somewhere Else (1985) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a movie that’s so strange and so ‘out there’ that you just sit there in disbelief. You know, something so strange that it’s funny, so weird that you can’t look away, well, if that’s the kind of mood you find yourself in, then, my friend, I’ve got a movie for you!

It Came From Somewhere Else is a movie that’s not easy to find, but if you like your humor in the vein of Kung Pow: Enter The Fist or Airplane, then you’ll like this movie. It Came…is an homage to 50s and 60s horror movies. In the small town of Grand Bosh, Minnesota, aliens have landed and they’re, apparently, trying to plant some crops. Well, the crops look like human hands growing out of the ground. But, besides that, they’re causing people and animals to spontaneously combust! Add to that mix, a town sherrif who really doesn’t want to work, a doctor who doesn’t understand why his patients are getting cancer, after giving them only two or three thousand x rays and your standard 80s kids who are rebelling against authority and who know more than the authority to begin with, and you’ve got yourself a classic 80s movie to start with, but add the cheesy aspects of the 50s horror and sci fi and you’ve really got something that’s bigger then the sum of it’s parts.

Now you have to remember what you’re watching here, the absurd takes precidence over the evolution of plot or character. This movie is more about being weird and making you laugh than common sense or telling a story, and that’s alright, the movie is better for it. Between Mr. Buckner, who is the local Mr. Rogers , who is repeatedly shot and returns for now apparent reason and the Kung Fu aliens who run through town beating people up, this movie has a little bit of everything, gore, violence, humor, cheesy special effects, it’s got it all!

It Came From Somewhere Else, definitely comes from somewhere else! And, it’s a place worth visiting, just beware of the kung fu aliens and, I have to admit to laughing my ass off during the scene between the U.S. President and the Soviet President where most of the conversation revolves around, "What time is it there?", I know it sounds weird, but it’s seriously funny! It’s called It Came From Somewhere Else and you can find out more about it at, you should go there and check it out! And until the next time, remember if you find hands growing in your back yard beward of the kung fu aliens who will be arriving shortly! And, as always, the best movies are bad movies!