It Happened At Nightmare Inn (1973) – By Brian Morton

Have you ever watched a horror movie and realized about ten minutes in, that this wasn’t going to be so much horror as it will be annoying? Well, I just had that experience!

The movie is called It Happened At Nightmare Inn and it had all kinds of potential. Here’s the outline: two sisters, one insane, hold female borders at their hostel to such high standards that if they don’t meet them, the borders are killed and stuffed into a wine cask in the basement. Sounds like it could be a pretty scary movie, doesn’t it? Well, you’d be wrong!

This movie is a mess. There are scenes that don’t fit together, there are scenes that don’t even make sense and it seemed like the whole end of the movie had been edited together out of sequence! Then, when you reach the end, you’ve got the villagers with torches about to pounce on the hapless sisters, who happen to be in mid-kill, and the movie just ends! There’s some mild violence and a couple of scenes that you might have considered shocking in the 70s, but overall this is a movie to be put back on the shelf and avoided!

It’s called It Happened At Nightmare Inn and apparently it happened after the cameras left. So, until the next time I strap myself into the electric chair of bad movies, remember that the best movies are, of course, bad movies!