It Was You (2014) – By Loida D Garcia

The stress of a failed relationship can sometimes be too much for one to handle regardless of who’s to blame.  Most of us understand this because we have been in that position at one point or another.  At the very brink of that chaos most of us have had to face a fine line, a line that could change our entire lives in one blink…

Enter the beginning of “It Was You”.  We open up on a nice drive through a lovely neighborhood .  The radio is turned on and we are listening to Brad Majors (No…not the same Brad Majors from Rocky Horror Picture Show….though it would be funny if it was!) talk about the state of chaos that present day family dynamics are facing.  All of this is beautifully shot and had me looking forward to whatever was to come next!  We finally arrive at the driver’s home and he seems a little disturbed, obviously something is going on.  From the looks of it it’s probably just been a really long week at work for him.  After taking a few breaths he finally leads us into the house where he oddly pauses and seems unable to decide whether to proceed further into the home or to open the door on the left.  We see him take another breath and go for the door on the left!  Finally!  A decision!  We walk into a basement and we’re greeted by __________ (did you really think I was going to give that away?!?!).

I got all excited at this very moment, such a nice little twist that was completely unexpected!  ….Unfortunately that excitement was short lived….  As soon as the man open up his mouth and started to speak I immediately recoiled!  Who on earth talks like that?  It was the hideous marriage of badly written dialogue and the ridiculously horrid delivery of said dialogue.  With each line that was blurted out I covered my face and could only think one thing, “why? why? why??!?!!?”.  Why on earth would you take something that was so promising and allow it to crash so horribly by having such awful lines and then having them so badly delivered on top of that?  It was insult to injury!  

This film could have been easily salvaged in one of two ways:  The first being that you never had the male actor say a word.  The entire length of the film he would never speak.  This would have added such an amazingly eerie quality to an already beautifully started film!  The second option (and the most fun one of the two in my opinion) was to have it end up being a sex game.  Add a final little twist where it shows that they were just fulfilling one of their fetishes by awkwardly role playing before going at it.  That would have explained the awkwardness of the conversations.

My overall view of the film is that it began on an extremely high note but as soon as we got about halfway through it took the largest plunge for the worst.  It does have great potential though and was gorgeously shot.  I’m just glad it was only 6:24 minutes…  

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip It

Cheese Factor:  Vegan (no cheese), Taleggio, Limburger, Stinking Bishop — Limburger