It’s My Party I’ll Die If I Want To (2007) – By Jason Patfield

 What do you get when you cross Hell Night, Creepshow and House on Haunted Hill?
You get a diamond in the rough called; It’s My Party I’ll Die If I Want To.
IMPIDIIWT (abbreviated) is a fun, independent movie you can tell was made by a true horror fan.

The story revolves around a haunted manor where the evil owner, Burkitt decides to dismember his family. Years later we find that the condemned house is going to be the gathering place of a surprise birthday and costume party for a karate bad ass Sara, whose birthday happens to fall on Halloween. As her friends show to set up we find that Burkitt’s evil still remains in the house and when a host is chosen to be possessed with the evil, all hell breaks loose. Will Sara be able to save her friends in time or will she also fall victim to Burkitt’s evil? You decide?

I decide? Ask how? Well another great thing about this movie, is that the viewer can decide the fate of Sara through an interactive choose you own adventure with 9 multiple endings, this adds to the DVD and makes it well worth the cost. The special effects are are professionally done and with no CGI, imagine that!? In addition the movie also has a cameo appearance from Tom Savani which is short but sweet.

There are few minor flaws but based on the budget they are easily overlooked. In the end I think producer, writer and director Tony Wash did an excellent job telling a truly scary tale filled with horror, gore, karate and best of all T&A. Kudos to Tony and Scotchworty Productions, I can’t wait to see what the horizon holds for this talented film maker.