It’s Not You (2014) – By Brian Morton

Divorce is never easy, (that’s probably the most trite thing I’ve ever written!) but a new movie from writer/director Sophie Peters-Wilson, It’s Not You, captures what goes through the mind of the kids when this is all going on.

It’s Not You is basically the story of a young girl who’s being told that her parents are divorcing.  As she’s being told, she sits and thinks back to the ‘good times’ that she’s had with her family, but this time, it’s from a new perspective.  What she thought at the time was a nice moment, turns out to have a bit more tension than she’s originally thought.

What we get in this short, is a look at what really goes on in the minds of kids.  Being a “child of divorce” myself, I can tell you that you first think you did something wrong, then you think back at all the good times and begin to see them through a different lens, one a bit more realistic and adult than it would have been moments before.  It’s both an opportunity to growth and a bit sad at the same time.

I’m giving It’s Not You 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s something divorcing parents should see, to get a bit of understanding about what’s going through their kids minds, instead of focusing solely on themselves…as most divorcing parents tend to do.  You can find out more by heading over to: