Iustitia (2013) – By Misty Layne

Though a bit convoluted, Iustitia is a nice little mystery/thriller involving the kidnapping of a family, a vigilante out for justice after the police fail to bring drug dealers in and a police cover up. A short film written and directed by David Craig, this is a fun little romp with an intriguing mechanism in the use of backwards running time. That was definitely my favorite part of this – about halfway through the film, time suddenly starts running backwards while we watch everything we’ve seen up till that point in reverse to find out the twist. A great little insert that totally works.

We start out with a kidnapping and watch as a young woman is bound and gagged and has her picture taken holding a note. Then we flash to a man coming home from work to drink and look over evidence – obviously a cop of some sort. Next is a man going around to different people’s houses looking for something then we have these people turning up dead. And finally we have two investigators who are trying to figure out who is going around killing drug dealers. And then we have the twist and voila, fini.

Seriously not a bad little film at all. Again, a bit convoluted but you get a general idea of what’s going on. I watched twice and still wasn’t entirely sure how everyone fit in but maybe that was just me. If you’re a fan of the mystery/thriller genre, check Iustitia out! You can learn more about the film at their Facebook page and IMDB.