Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra (2010) – By Matt Barry

A comic mockumentary, Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra starts with an amusing enough premise: Jack Jimminy (Nolan Silverstein) grows up in a family of porn actors. His parents are dismayed when he announces his plans to go to college, so they reach a compromise: he will go to acting school. Of course, Jack ends up working in the porn industry as an extra and bit player.

The film begins and ends with Jack at his “group” meetings, where we meet a variety of different characters. There’s an amusing sequence in which Jack brings his new girlfriend to meet his parents (Ethel Fisher and Timothy J. Cox) on his birthday, whose topics of discussion would embarrass most people in such a situation, but which is just normal conversation for the Jimminys.

The problem with this type of film is that it’s essentially a one-joke comedy, and in this case, the joke wears thin rather quickly. There’s really only so much mileage that can be gotten out of sex toys with silly names. Perhaps if the film had been more successful at capturing the style of an actual documentary, there could have been room for this kind of parody, but as it is, the humor grows predictable and tiresome very quickly into the film, and considering its running time of more than 15 minutes, this is a problem.

The film is shot largely with a hand-held camera that works well for the mockumentary approach, but the sound is occasionally muffled and varies in volume.

Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra was produced by GripReality Inc. For more information on the film, visit JackJimminy.com.