Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra (2011) – By Roger Carpenter

Jack’s birth was legendary: it happened on set during a sex scene between his mother and her costar. It seems Jack’s mother didn’t think she was ready to give birth but baby Jack had other plans, spoiling the scene and making a rather rude entrance. You see, Jack’s parents were, at the top of their craft, one of the most famous pornstar couples in the country. Naturally, they expected Jack to go into the "family business", but Jack wanted to be a "real" actor. So Mom and Dad sucked it up and paid for acting school and were thrilled to learn that after all those classes their son had broken into the porn business, doing sex flicks overseas.

But what the proud parents don’ t know is that Jack doesn’t star in porn films; he’s only a lowly extra–so lowly, in fact, that he must make his own costumes. But Jack tells his aging parents that he’s an overseas porn star to keep them off his back, keeping them from learning the truth by creating fake video covers and explaining to them that the DVD’s of his films won’t play in American players because of encoding problems.

Jack Jimminy: The Story of a Pornstar Extra is a mockumentary about a day in the life of a pornstar extra. The camera follows Jack around as he visits his parents for his birthday (a penis cake, naturally), lets the viewers in on all his secrets about how he fools his parents (bronzed dildos used as fake awards and an autographed picture of Ron Jeremy), and even allows the viewers to visit a movie set to see Jack in action. The entire 20-minute short is rather pointless but that’s why it’s funny. With all the irrelevant and extraneous reality TV shows showcasing everything from turtle hunters, pig farmers, and even fat, obnoxious wannabe child beauty queens and their family members, it makes perfect sense for someone to document the meaningless life of someone who makes a living out of being totally irrelevant. What’s more irrelevant than an extra (clothed, even!) in a porno flick? If the entire premise isn’t funny enough for you, there are also some pretty clever one-liners in the film as well as some hilarious stories. The story of Jack’s birth as told by his mother is simply outrageous. Keep a keen eye out for some really funny set decoration and costuming as well.

So the next time you’re feeling depressed and unwanted at work, just remember it could always be worse–you could be a pornstar extra! The short is currently unavailable for viewing, but more information can be found at http://www.jackjimminy.com or for more information on the production company, GripReality, go to http://www.gr3d.com/GR3D.