Jebediah’s Axe (2014) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a slasher movie is just a slasher movie. And, sometimes, a slasher movie has the potential to be more and you can see it, but it just doesn’t make it as far as you thought it would. That’s kind of the case with Jebediah’s Axe from Stone Bell Creations.

The story here is about Old Jebediah, who just wants to live on his land and be left alone. The problem is that he hasn’t been paying taxes and now he’s being foreclosed on! So, when the bank people show up, Jebediah shoots one of them and sends the other one away, when that one comes back with the sheriff, Jebediah remains defiant and they end up killing him, and burying him in a shallow grave. Now, years later, the property is for sale, but Jebediah still don’t want people on his land…and anyone who wants to check it out is liable to get an axe to his head!

The story here is pretty good, I’m always down with a mountain man taking revenge kind of story, the problem I had was that it just didn’t go far enough. I was expecting some more from Jebediah, something supernatural or an explanation of why he came back, but that’s never offered…maybe in a follow up movie. Also, the main actress in the movie has a thick Latin accent that makes it sometimes hard to understand her, and sometimes, especially toward the end, when she’s trying to deliver ‘catch-phrase’ type lines, it just didn’t work, it sounded too comical with her accent.

I’m giving Jebediah’s Axe 2 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s a pretty good idea that just didn’t go far enough and didn’t include all the right people. And, I’m not bashing people with accents; I just didn’t think this actress was right for this particular part! See if I’m wrong by heading over to