Jesus H. Zombie (2007) – By Brian Morton

 You know it takes a lot of nerve to add Jesus to your movie in any form, unless you’re Mel Gibson, because any sort of religious content will bring the moral majority down on you faster than an old lady to a church bake sale!! That’s one of the reasons I admire Daniel Heisel for his new movie, Jesus H. Zombie.

The story here is pretty unusual, after hitting a seemingly homeless person, Alex realizes that this grubby guy looks like Jesus. But, when he turns a glass of water into blood and then turns croutons into loaves…that bleed…it dawns on Alex that maybe this is Jesus, after all they said that Jesus rose from the dead, but they didn’t say what shape he was in when it happened. So, after his girlfriend is taken hostage by a religious nut, it’s up to Alex and his friends to find the zombie Jesus and rescue his girlfriend and the world!

Jesus H. Zombie is a very low budget movie with a difference. It takes a the zombie genre and does something pretty original with it, after all, besides Jesus, the only thing I ever heard of coming back from the dead are zombies, so it does make a strange sense to combine the two things…well, to me it does. The only problems seem to be with special effects, sometimes they’re done pretty well, like a stabbing in a church, and other times it just doesn’t look that great, like a zombie attack on some street walkers, but you can tell that Heisel is doing the best with very, very little. The acting is pretty good, it’s really the story that’s holding this together, is this strange zombie Jesus or just another zombie who’s got a shred of humanity left, after all, he’s not just a mindless eating machine. I have to admit that it took me a few minutes to accept a zombie that’s not just a mindless killer (I didn’t know I had been brainwashed that thoroughly by horror movies!) but once I got into the spirit of the movie, I really enjoyed it. Jesus H. Zombie is definitely not meant to be taken seriously, and, with the ending, I’m looking for Jesus H. Zombie 2: The Resurrection! If you’d like to check this religiously themed horror movie, you can get a copy for yourself over at the Shy By Day Productions Jesus H. Zombie page. I, for one, am looking forward to see what spins out of Mr. Heisel’s mind myself, anyone who can come up with, let alone film, a movie called Jesus H. Zombie has my full attention! I’m giving Jesus H. Zombie three and a half out of four cigars, what it lacks in budget and polish, it makes up with in heart and pure balls! So, until next time, when I’ll move the stone from in front of my mausoleum and take a look at more indie movies, remember that the best movie are bad movies.