Jimmy (2013) – By Misty Layne

Jimmy tells the story of a very special boy, a boy who sees angels wherever he turns and has the power to bring together the people in his life. Jimmy Mitchell is a young man whose world is a place where a boy can be a man, even if he’s “special” (Jimmy has an IQ in the low 50s), where angels hover, mostly unseen. Where danger can happen and hearts can falter but love is never wasted.

Jimmy is a sweet tale about a struggling boy who only wants to love and be loved. He has a deep fear of water due to almost drowning as a baby while his mother was giving him a bath. He’s deeply loved by his father, stepmother and grandfather who all push him to do more than he thinks he’s capable of, helping him achieve his goals and dreams. Unfortunately, our sweet boy Jimmy is about to get caught up in a police case that may or may not end well for him. And unfortunately, nobody but Jimmy can see the angels that surround us all.

Another offering from the Bridgestone Multimedia Group, this faith based film is one that gets it right, not throwing religion in your face but having it as an integral part of the story, simmering in the background. The story has it’s melodramatic moments but is never over the top and even the angels that Jimmy sees fit into the story nicely. If family dramas are your thing, then this movie is definitely for you.

You can find out more about Jimmy by visiting Bridgestone Multimedia Groups website or the movie’s IMDB page.