Job: Graphic Novel (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

We no doubt all have heard the biblical tale of a man named Job. Now Kingstone comics bring this biblical tale to light right before our eyes with this new graphic novel and I got the extreme pleasure of seeing a preview copy for myself!

The story follows a good God fearing man named Job. He was has been blessed by Jehovah beyond measure! He has a big loving family, financially he is set and he is a healthy man! A conversation takes place between God and Satan and Satan suggests that if God would allow him to take all the blessings Job has, Job would turn against God! Thus the plight of Job begins.

The talents of writer Ben Avery and artist Jeff Selmons brings this biblical tale to life in great detail! The panels flow together seamlessly and the artwork feels like your almost watching a movie! Another great thing about this graphic novel is at the bottom of each page you get the references in the bible for each event.

In the final analysis Kingstone Comics is absolutely doing a remarkable job in bringing the bible to life. So if you love comics or if you want to introduce the bible to your children this is a great way to do it! So I highly suggest you head over to to learn more about this release.

Moral Rating: Mild violence, scary images.
Audience: Teens and adults.
Genre: Comic Book
Released: 2013
Rating: A+