Junior (1985) – By Charles Rector

 Back during the good old days before horror flick producers decided that the best way to scare people was to throw buckets of blood at the screen, horror movies used to have strong characters that the audience actually cared about. Also during the times following the invention of the slasher flick during the 1970’s, there were horror shows that had a strong sense of fun about them. Typically, these flicks had a whodunit aspect to them that served to render the plot deeper than the bulk of horror cinema.

One such fun horror flick is the 1985 production of Junior. Junior is an unusual movie in that it is a non-supernatural horror show. There are no goblins, trolls, vampires, werewolves, witches or any other sort of evil monster in this movie. Yet the horror is every bit as scary as movies involving supernatural evil.

Another way that this movie differs from much of horror cinema in that it has strong female characters as opposed to the screamers who are so typical of so many female characters found in horror movies. An additional facet in this show’s favor is that these females are not politically correct radical feminists or, for that matter, feminists of any kind. Instead, these females are typical average gals except for the fact that they are both ex-cons.

Upon their release, both K.C. (Suzanne DeLaurentiis) and Jo (Linda Singer) head off for rural Texas in hopes of starting a new life for themselves on the right side of the law. They meet up with their old pimp and at first it looks like they are destined to wind up back in the slammer. However, he tries to rape one of them and they wind up getting the best of him and steal his car and run off to Florida with a lot of his money and illegal drugs. Once arriving in Florida, they successfully sell the drugs and then they decide to use the capital to build a new marina on a local lake. However, with success comes jealousy by some of the locals who do not care for outsiders one bit.

Not all of the locals feel this way though. One of the local gals, Sally (Alanne Perry), admires the newcomers for their spunk and winds up making it a trio of females endeavoring to make it in the marina business. The addition of Sally further increases the animosity between the new gals on the block and the locals including the sheriff (Ken Roberts) who decides to ignore any and all crimes perpetrated against the gals.

Of all the locals, none prove more demented and obnoxious than Junior (Jeremy Ratchford) who is urged on in his destructive rampages by his evil mother hen. Also urging Junior on is his party girl (Tricia Turner) who is especially vindictive towards the pretty newcomers and their big plans. The combination of Junior and the other rowdies makes everything tough and tight for the gals and they must take the law in their own hands, including finding out just who is doing the evil stuff and and how to stop them.