Just Another Noir (2012) – By Brian Morton

Mystery films are pretty hard to do on a low budget, but when one is done even half way right, it can be a fun thing to watch. In a new movie from Dorian Dardar, Just Another Noir, we get to see the seamy side of New Orleans and travel the back alleys with detective Dorian Hudson.

Dorian has been hired by a beautiful woman to find her artist brother who’s disappeared in the city. As Dorian investigates, he’s led through the darker part of the city, until he discovers that everything isn’t what it seems and that sometimes, knowing the truth just isn’t worth your life!

Just Another Noir is fairly well put together. I say fairly well, because it’s not a perfect movie, it’s a bit long and there were a couple of times that I felt like I was watching someone feeding their ego. Now, that’s not to say there isn’t anything to like about this movie, the main character has a charm all his own, and there’s something a bit deeper going on here, Hudson isn’t just a detective, he’s a Zen master and a judo teacher…he’s a renaissance man in modern day New Orleans.

Dardar has put together the start of a great movie. It just felt like he was limited in his budget and wasn’t sure how to creatively work around it at times…which led to an extended chase/fight scene toward the end of the film.

While it’s not perfect (and who among us is?), it’s still worth checking out. I’m giving Just Another Noir, 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s the beginning of something cool, I just wish Dorian had let the brew ferment a bit more. Find out more by heading over to http://www.badninja9.com.