Katiebird*Certifiable Crazy Person (2006) – By Brian Morton

 They say that we are just versions of our parents. You see it time and time again, sons following in their father’s footsteps, daughters learning recipes and other tips from their mothers, but what if your parent was a serial killer? Would that parent’s child be predisposed to follow in their parents’ footsteps? That’s the premise of Justin Paul Ritter’s Katiebird*Certifiable Crazy Person.

When we first meet Katiebird, she’s in a room alone with her therapist. She’s telling him about her life and how she began to kill people. The movie unfolds in flashbacks of Katiebird and her father and how and why she killed her first person. It turns out that this is a movie more about why we do the things we do, than a straight ahead horror movie. Is Katiebird crazy because she was born that way? Or did her father just raise her to think that this was right? We’re not really sure, it’s the eternal nature versus nurture battle played out in Katiebird.

The movie itself takes a little getting used to, being that it’s not a regular movie, the picture is often fragmented in three or four pictures on the screen at one time, an obvious allusion to Katiebird’s fractured mind, but once you get used to that, this movie draws you in. Helene Udy and Taylor Dooley, who both play Katiebird Wilkins are equally tremendous! Katiebird is at times frightening and pitiful, first hurting herself and then turning her sadism on others, Katiebird is confused about life, and relationships and the nature of sex and both Taylor and Helene embody this character perfectly! And even though it’s two performers taking basically the same part, the two inhabit the character so perfectly as to be seamless, you honestly believe that this is the same woman at different ages. And Lee Perkins, who plays Katiebird’s Daddy, is excellent as well, explaining to his daughter about not only the technical aspects of killing, but why you might want to in the first place with the same calm demeanor that a father might explain to his daughter why you’d need to check the oil in the family car, it’s truly chilling.

Katiebird*Certifiable Crazy Person is one of those rare movies that’s a great horror movie, but it’s also a really good story. Even though Katiebird and her daddy are killers, you still identify with them, it’s really a relationship movie about a father and a daughter who genuinely care about each other, even if the relationship is as scarred as Katiebird’s body. And, before you take the DVD out of the player, take a look at the documentary called Movies NOT Excuses. This is one of those rare documentaries that are as good as the movie itself. While, it’s not a documentary at all, it’s more of a motivational presentation, it’s truly great, and, after watching it, you don’t feel a little better about yourself, then you’re a much more cynical person then the ol’ Bad Movie Guy here! So, if you’ve never listened to me before, listen right now, Katiebird*Certifiable Crazy Person is a DVD worth your hard earned money and time, so head on over to Katiebird The Movie.com and get your own copy today! I mean it! Right now! And, until the next time, when I’ll reveal that I too have followed in my father’s footsteps, by being a huge asshole, remember that the best movies are bad movies!