Killer Friends (2015) – Jim Morazzini


Everybody knows that one person who is so obnoxious and annoying that you literally want to strangle them. Well here we have three friends who who have finally been pushed past that point and plan a camping trip from which their obnoxious pal is not intended to return from.

The film, which runs about 11 minutes, open with Bryan (Dave Racki) his girlfriend Jill (Jenna-Lee Carreiro) and Heather (Peggy Sinnott) waiting for Jill’s roommate Scott(Zach Noe Towers who also who also wrote, directed, and produced the short) and discussing killing him. Heather is holding out against anything quite so drastic until he tosses his pack into the car and hits her in the face. He follows this up with a comment about Bryan’s recently deceased mother and one about Heater’s weight, (she is not fat, not even plump, thick or curvy). That settles the matter. As the trip goes on any second thoughts any of them have are taken care of by his continual annoying comments, such as letting it slip that a drunk Bryan once tried to get bi-curious with him, (Scott is gay in a somewhat offensively stereotypical way) or that he may have slept with one of their stepfathers. He also seems to have a Roadrunner like ability to unwittingly avoid the attempts on his life, with bad results for his would be killers. Will his luck hold out, or will the others live up to the title?

Once you get past the idea that they feel the need to kill Scott rather than just kick him out and unfriend him the film is quite funny. Scott is so annoying you can understand them wishing harm on him, and both his comments and the reactions they get draw laughs. Some may find the way Scott’s homosexuality is portrayed as an offensive stereotype and it really pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable, but I couldn’t help laughing anyway.

Towers said he put this project together to show Hollywood what he could do, and he’s certainly made a great calling card that should get him noticed. Killer Friends is actually getting a theatrical release September 2-8 in LA to qualify for Oscar nomination. And yes it deserves to be nominated, it is that good.