Killer’s Mind (2015) – By Jon Hatfield

Basically, it seems that a young man is being haunted by an alternate personality after being hired to kill a boy’s mother for a large sum of money.

Not many films impress me – especially the multi-hundred million dollar crap that’s been produced for the past ten years. This film, as a whole, was no exception. Granted, I would gladly watch this film over and over or maybe even play it in the background for a Halloween party before ever watching another Avenger’s movie, attempting Mad Max: Fury Road again (excuse me while I puke in my mouth), or any Dwayne Johnson film.

This film was very lukewarm. I had no strong feelings of emotion through any part of its entirety nor do I have any desire to show this film to anyone or watch it again. It helped that the dialogue was kept to a minimum.

I do like the concept a lot. I just wish the concept had been thought through a little longer to work out some of the finer details that this film needed. Ex: Why was the killer troubled by what he did? Did he have a connection to the woman or child?

If I happened to miss some message or connection as to why the killer had emotional issues, then I don’t feel that I’m the one at fault. I feel that a general audience would have the same issues. So this is one big reason why I never gave two shits about the main character and why the screenplay should have been thought through in more detail.

The cinematography was pretty good but I felt the story was convoluted by the desire to present an artistic picture.

Kudos to the darkness of the look and sound. Unfortunately the dialogue didn’t come through with the same quality as the sound effects and music.

As always, for a new creative perspective on the world or even to further understand what your personal likes and dislikes are, see the film yourself.

My rating: out of 10 (10 as highest)
General: 7
Storyline/Screenplay: 8
Script: 7
Acting: 7
Sound: 7
Directing: 7
Cinematography: 8