Killing Spree (1987) – By Brian Morton

 As a man, I can tell you that sometimes our anger takes over and we do things that we know we’ll regret later, but we can’t help ourselves. You know the drill, some dude starts trying to pick up your girl while you’re out and the next thing you know, you’re in a fight. You’re not sure how it got started, but you know you started it and you know you have to stand there until it’s all over…even if it means you’re probably going to be nursing quite a few injuries the next day. Well, if you’ve had these feelings and would rather live vicariously through a movie, then I have one for you! It’s called Killing Spree and it’s what I would call a guy romance.

Here’s the story: Tom is an average guy, he works all day and is having some trouble getting the bills paid. He really doesn’t want his wife, Leeza, to work, so he’s willing to get a second job if necessary to keep her at home and happy. Well, Tom has one little problem, his first wife cheated on him and he nearly lost his mind when it happened, so he’s a bit obsessed with this wife remaining faithful and happy. So, when Tom finds his best friend sitting close to his wife and talking softly, he becomes a bit suspicious, then when he finds what he believes to be her diary, all hell breaks loose. It seems that Leeza’s diary is filled with sexual encounters with any man who comes into the house, Tom’s best friend, the electrician, the TV repairman, it seems that anyone that comes into the house is in danger of being molested by Tom’s wife. Well, that’s all it takes to set Tom off, he begins with his best friend, who drops by, and starts killing anyone who’s name shows up in his wife’s book!

Killing Spree is one of the best home made movies from the 80s that I’ve seen. The effects are a bit low budget, but that’s just fine, the story is what really grabs you here. Tom, played by Asbestos Felt, is losing his mind, and Felt plays it to the hilt, with is mustache and beard and wild hair (not to mention the cool lighting that only appears when he’s reading the diary) Felt embodies a man who’s world has crashed down around him and is fighting back the only way he knows how. It really is a great performance. Killing Spree is ultimately a parable about trusting your partner and communication, if only Tom had asked his wife about the book, none of this would have happened, but Tom chose to be suspicious and start killing people…of course, then the movie might not have been as good, so there you go. Killing Spree is another great re-release from Camp Motion Pictures, who have been consistently releasing a ton of cool made on video movies from the 80s that were mostly regional and that a lot of us didn’t get to see, I have to thank them, this is one of the best companies out there right now! If you’re looking for a great horror movie, with a very cool ending, by the way, then Killing Spree is for you, get over to Camp Motion Pictures and get a copy for yourself…right now! So, until next time, when I’ll be tearing the house apart looking for my wife’s diary, remember that the best movies are bad movies.