King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (2017) – Jim Morazzini


The Asylum has made a career out of releasing “mockbusters”, films with plots and titles as close as legally possible to upcoming major releases, films like Snakes on a Train, Atlantic Rim and Transmorphers. So when they heard Guy Ritchie was doing a big budget film about King Arthur they raced to cash in. Since setting it in medieval times would have meant spending money it all, (except for a brief prologue), takes place in the present day, present day Thailand to be precise. Why there instead of England? Who knows and very quickly that turned to who cares, which about sums up my reaction to this film. And I wonder if it’s makers cared either because the film doesn’t even have an IMDB page.

Beginning with Merlin banishing Morgana and her followers to the ends of the universe, (inside a meteor no less) we quickly cut to the present when they make their return, this time via a spaceship and proceed to hunt down the decedents of Arthur and his knights who all are in the same place, Bangkok. Much fighting follows broken up by inane dialogue and loads of mystic mumbo jumbo that makes absolutely no sense. And a giant fire breathing Transformer kinda thing

One of several updates of classic characters to come from this studio, the most recent being Sinbad and the War of the Furies, I had somewhat higher hopes for this one due to it being directed by Jared Cohn who’s done some good work in the past, most recently The Horde a sort of Rambo Takes a Wrong Turn wherein an ex special forces op has to take on criminals and the inbred cannibals who serve as their protectors. And while he does make sure the action scenes deliver there’s not much he can do with the rest of the script, I doubt anyone could do much with it though.

Available on VOD and DVD May 2nd, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table might be worth it for undiscerning action fans and lovers of bad movies but for anyone else it’s going to be rough going.