Kinnari (2016) – By Misty Layne


KINNARI is a super-cool, wicked-short short (5 minutes or less), that honestly is more a spoken word than a film. It IS a film but…it’s a voice-over (which is the part that sounds spoken word) and the film is black & white and follows a man having coffee, walking, he meets a woman, there’s a garden at the end. It is SO VERY Jim Morrison (which coming from me, is like, the highest of compliments because I adore Jim). But yeah, that is so the vibe and it is SO good.

“If only they could see the mirror in others/this makes me think of the great nothingness/something that will get us all/no matter which side you choose….”

See what I mean? And it’s beautiful to look at, too. Like I said, there’s not much going on with the dude walking around but the black & white is done perfectly and the locations (like the graffiti building) are so VERY.

KINNARI is kick-awesome; it’s dark and it’s Morrison; and I adore it. You should totes check it out. You can go watch it for yourself HERE.