Kitty Kitty (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Vanessa (Madison Rae Stewart) and Mark (Landon Cole) are a young couple who are going through some difficult times. Both are being pulled in different directions and not sure if they should continue on as a couple. Vanessa works hard at her job, while Mark stays at home and paints. Resentful, Vanessa thinks it may be time to have “the talk” with her beau. But there’s one thing that keeps creeping her out. Mark bought home a stray cat a few days ago and no matter how many times she tells her boyfriend to get rid of their feline guest, it keeps returning to their apartment over and over again.

For me a good short film has to be like a hit single. It should have a strong rhythm, good balance and a killer hook. Writer/director Blair Richardson accomplishes all this in her new short “Kitty Kitty.” The film is a great tribute to the old style of horror film, with mood, atmosphere and style to spare. This is an eerie story, told almost like an old Alfred Hitchcock TV show. Richardson also adds some wonderful Val Lewton touches throughout the film. They act as node points and really coalesce the horror to a very palpable feeling.

If you like your movies with a dark tone, a feeling of apprehension and little to no CGI, check out “Kitty Kitty.” It’s a retro horror short that’s made with intense style.

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