Krampus Unleashed (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Last year writer/director Robert Conway left a nasty lump of coal in our stockings called Krampus: The Reckoning. With horrible CGI and a Krampus that was barely in the film it was a weak entry among the many films featuring the monster last year. Surprisingly Conway is back with another tale of the Christmas monster, and while no classic, this one is actually pretty good.

Bearing no relation to the previous film beyond the Krampus itself this one opens with a band of treasure hunters searching for an outlaw’s stash. They find a strange stone and a manuscript in old German which one of them can read. It’s a “summoning stone” that can summon the Krampus. Which it does, resulting in several gory deaths. Flash forward several years and we have a family heading to Grandmother’s house for Christmas. Since she lives in the desert it’s warm enough to go panning for gold, guess what turns up, and guess who turns up looking for it.

The film certainly has it’s flaws, the biggest being the creature acts more like some generic monster rather than an actual Krampus. In fact a subplot has it being stalked by a pair of inept Bigfoot hunters. There’s also some horrible acting and the monster suit is pretty cheap looking though still miles ahead of the last film’s CGI monster. But it is energetic for the most part with some nice gore and a bit of skin from a much better looking actress than it’s predecessor.

Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing Krampus Unleashed November 1 on VOD and December 13 on DVD. It won’t replace Black Christmas as your holiday horror favorite, but it is a good enough way to kill an evening.