Ku Klux Klan vs. Neo Nazis (2005) – By Brian Morton

Allow me to wax poetic for just a moment. I know that ordinarily I don’t wax at all, but this time I feel like it’s important… plus I just wanted to wax poetic one time in my life! Anyway, there’s a saying that comedy isn’t pretty, and sometimes it’s not, unless you’re watching that Tina Fey (grrroowwwlll) but that aside, there’s comedy in everyday things that you wouldn’t think of as funny off the top of your head. Like say, for instance, the Ku Klux Klan.

Now on the surface the Klan is a racist, inbred hate-mongering bunch of weirdoes. Maybe that’s why their main public forum is the Jerry Springer Show. But, if you can get past the hate speak, which isn’t that hard when you consider the source, there’s a wealth of comedy there! Just the fact that you got a bunch of white guys, wearing sheets with holes cut in them like a low budget Halloween costume is funny enough, but when you think about them as a bunch of guys who hate other people just because of their color, when they, themselves, apparently can’t work a toothbrush, then you’ve just mined up a little comedy gold! I thought I was the only one to get this, until I saw the independent movie, KKK Vs. Neo Nazis.

If you saw the trailer, you might think that was just this side of one of those back yard wrestling videos, but there’s a whole layer of humor here that isn’t apparent from the trailer. Basically this is the story of a Jew and an African American whose plan is to turn the Klan and Neo Nazi’s against each other and let them wipe each other out. There are plenty of fights here, and they’re not bad, but the true reason to see this movie is the jokes.

The real stand out, for me, here is Jim Wagner as Jed. He’s exactly the right person and he’s got just the right timing to be exactly the stereotypical Klansman, either that or he’s got a large closet full of white that he’s not telling anyone about. The jokes here are good, I actually laughed out loud a couple of times, and that’s pretty good for me!!! Also, the ending is exceptional. What you might think would happen, does, and then there’s just enough more to make it worth your while. While the acting is a little stiff at times, remember this is a first effort and I’ve seen much worse first efforts, believe me! The only real downside to KKK Vs. Neo Nazis could possibly be Steve Rudzinski’s mullet! Steve, I know it’s Dark Mullet Cinema, but it may just be time to cut that thing!!!

But, clocking in at less than an hour, if you’re like me and just can’t get enough of the comedy that IS the Klan and the Neo Nazis, then this movie is for you! You can watch the trailer or buy the movie at http://www.kkkvsnn.com.