Kung Fool (2016) – By Misty Layne


I’m not entirely sure what I just watched, but it was EPIC. A super-short short (almost micro) called KUNG FOOL, it features a bunch of kids in a dojo, zero budget and was shot on an iPhone 6s. And it’s stunts were 10x better than you see in most small budget films, let alone zero budget. I am ALL about the kung fu/martial arts over here, at least for movies like this (GYMKATA anyone?), and I am SO impressed by these guys.

A group of students ranging from approximately 8 to 18 are training in a dojo and listening to their teacher talk about the importance of using your hands as weapons. Meanwhile, they are more interested in using the ACTUAL weapons available to train. Their teacher decides that if anyone can show him something they’ve learned that day (i.e. beat him), he’ll allow him to use said weapons. He easily knocks students down left and right, until…DUNH DUNH DUNH…he meets his match in (what looks like) a 4th grade. What follows is one of the greatest kung fu battles of all time. No, really.

Considering what this is, it’s excellent. The editing is good; the sound is good. The acting is meh but when you have KUNG FU, who cares, right? Seriously, there’s not a lot of acting in this film, so they’re able to get away with the “I have never been in front of a camera, do I say that thing now” acting style. Camerawork is good – they’re partially filming in front of a large mirror and I never saw the film guy’s reflection or anything like that.

The stunts are totally where it’s at though. They’re good – really good. There’s no flying through the air or anything like that but there’s swords and smoke and magic and staffs! Plus that kid kicks that teacher’s ass. I love that kid. He also has the best line in the whole damn movie, hehehe.

Big ups to these guys for what they’ve accomplished here. For a beginner, zero budget, iPhone 6s film, this thing rocks socks. I dig it. Good job, guys. The only constructive criticism I have if you’re planning on making more films is to work on the acting skills (or finding actors) and work on the script writing (there wasn’t much dialogue here, so that’s more of a general thing – always work on the writing!). But I love it, guys.

You can view the film here: https://youtu.be/MWqYzp-msaA