La Llorona Gone Wild (2007) – By Brian Morton

 My first thought when looking at the DVD for La Llorona Gone Wild was, obviously, what the hell is a La Llorona? Well, La Llorona (translated from Spanish) means The Weeping Lady, and it’s a legend that surrounds a woman who went mad and killed her children then herself, now her ghost wanders looking for her children and dragging any other children she comes across to her grave. This DVD triple feature has three movies featuring La Llorona in three different stories that do connect quite well.

In the first movie, Legend Of La Llorona, a man is hired to bring back a girl who has run away from her family. When he’s involved in a car accident and the girl gets away, he’s forced to spend the night with the family of the girl. Things seem strange enough, but get stranger as he discovers what the family intends to do with the girl he brought back and that the town is being terrorized by an evil spirit who wants them all dead!

The second movie, Revenge Of La Llorona revolves around a TV crew who is going to spend the night in the house that’s haunted by La Llorona. The star of the shoot, who’s rude, racist, mean and probably the best character in the movie, finds themselves stalked by not only the evil spirit but by a killer who’s been hired to make sure that the TV crew gets some ‘good footage’!

The final installment of the trilogy, Curse Of La Llorona, is more of a family in danger flick. When a family comes to the La Llorona house to retrieve their niece, who survived the last La Llorona rampage, they find that not only is she scarred from the experience, but there’s something else happening in their house and with their niece that endangers them all!

Of the trilogy, the second installment is the strongest, while the characters in the third feature are a bit deeper than the other two, the second feature is by far the most fun. As individual movies, each is probably a little weak, but as a trilogy they make perfect sense. The idea of La Llorona is a good one, and the haunted house is a great idea, but the house that is used is obviously in the middle of a neighborhood, which is alright, until in the third feature, it’s mentioned that someone wants to use it as farm land…it doesn’t make sense in the middle of this suburban setting. Now, don’t think that I’m beating up Terrance Williams’ movies, the stories here are good, most of the characters are well written (although some of the dialogue feels like it’s being read rather than spoken) and the acting is really great! Mary Sanchez, who plays Ann Marie in the first movie, Hana in the last two and La Llorona in all three is really the heart of this story and she holds it together well, veering between innocent, terrified victim to depressed and suicidal and then to possessed demon without losing her character at all! Terrance Williams has put together his own mythos here and I can’t help but think that with a bigger budget he could really make La Llorona a female Freddy or Jason quite easily! Overall, La Llorona Gone Wild is a good trilogy, with each movie running just over an hour so they never over stay their welcome. The only movie that I felt went on a little long was the third movie, the family drama seemed to eclipse the horror elements until the final few minutes of the film. Overall, I’m giving La Llorona Gone Wild three out of four cigars, because for a micro-budget movie the effects are quite good and the acting and story are great. If you’d like to check La Llorona Gone Wild for yourself, you can head over to Custom Flix to get a copy for yourself. And, until next time, when I’ll talk the evil creature that stalks my home…and the reasons I married her…remember that the best movies are bad movies!