Larry & Burt’s Gut Rot (2010) – By Brian Morton

Web series have a bit of an advantage over movies and TV, in that, they don’t really have to worry about censors changing what they want to do. And that can be either the triumph or downfall of an online project, if your project is good you don’t need interference, if your project is a bit weak, adding dirty stuff won’t make it better! Well, a new online series from Brett Butler and , called Larry & Burt’s Gut Rot is one that will make you laugh out loud!

Burt and Larry are two down and out brothers, one has a girlfriend and one doesn’t and both have all the issues that life can heap upon you! Larry delivers pizza for a living and has a girlfriend who really wants to start a family. Burt is alone and is generally a loser. Both want a better life, but neither knows how to get it. The real fun of this series is Larry and his deliveries! From the insane customers, to the small notes that Larry makes about each one, it’s really a funny piece. Overall, Larry & Burt’s Gut Rot is a very funny series, it’s dark, but that’s part of what makes it funny…life is dark, after all.

I’m giving Larry & Burt’s Gut Rot 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a bit slow in parts and there’s an emphasis on sex that leans a bit toward the sophomoric, but it’s worth your time…you’ll find yourself laughing and craving a pizza and beer! Check it out for yourself by heading over to