Leach (2010) – By Brian Morton

When I started watching Leach, for a moment, I was wondering where the hell this movie was going. It all begins with an indie filmmaker, who’s mostly making it up as he goes along, and he’s a jerk! He yells at his crew and abuses his talent, all of whom are working for free just to help a friend out. It all changes when out filmmaker, Wes, meets Ron Leach, a cop who also has an interest in making movies. Wes quickly asks Leach to help him with an interrogation scene, Leach agrees to help Wes, if Wes will return the favor and help him with a movie he’d like to make. The deal is struck and the movies spins out of control from there!

It seems that Leach’s movie isn’t like anything that Wes has been involved in, Leach is making child porn, and, if Wes doesn’t like it, Leach seems like the kind of guy who might just kill him. The two begin a battle of wills and wits that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

Leach is a bit long, clocking in at nearly 2 hours, but its well worth it. John Taylor has put together an amazing cast that all fit their parts perfectly! Especially Thomas J. Smith as Ron Leach, this is a guy that will make you want to take a shower after just watching him on your TV! The story is great, the acting is incredible for an indie movie and Leach will have you rooting for poor old Wes and wondering how the hell he’s ever going to get away from the scum-bag Leach! I’m giving Leach 4 out of 4 cigars, its edge of your seat stuff and that’s where you’ll be most of the time. You can find out more about Leach by heading over to