Legends (2006) – By Brian Morton

 You know, after you’ve watched a lot of independent movies, you kind of get the feel for them. You can tell where the directors cut corners and you start to understand why they do it. Between low budgets, casts and crews who only work weekends, and usually, having to hold down a regular job, making a low budget movie is more an act of love than of art…in my opinion.

An old friend of Rogue Cinema, Steve Rudzinski of Dark Mullet Cinema, just finished his third movie, and I think with this one, you can truly see that, with a bit more money, Steve could really make a great movie! Not to say that Legends isn’t great, but you can certainly see that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes in spots. For example, the two mercenaries, Cain and Abel, live in what appears to be a regular apartment. Meeting with people portrayed as V.I.P.s take place right in their home, not in an important looking place. Now, understand that Steve is working with a budget that closely resembles my monthly salary (i.e. next to nothing!) so, with that in mind, it’s amazing that this movie looks as good as it does. And, this is light years ahead of Steve’s previous work, which itself wasn’t too bad.

Now, I’m not going to dwell on the negatives here, so let’s look on the bright side of life…er, Legends. This is a very well written movie, here’s the story: After a great world war, Cain and Abel are mercenaries for hire, the problem is that they have a conscious. Both want the best for their country and want to side with the group that they believe will do the most good for the people. The problem is that while Cain decides to join with the Illuminati, while Abel teams with Dinah, a woman who believes that the people should rule themselves through elections, a divide that places them on opposite sides of an ongoing civil war. Now, this isn’t just a straight forward fighting movie, there’s a ton of humor here, and you can tell that the people on the set were genuinely having fun and the jokes come very easy and seem like the kinds of things these guys are doing with the cameras off too. And, while that might seem like a relatively small thing, it’s always been my contention that if they performers are having fun then the audience will have fun too, and that’s definitely the case here, this movie is just a lot of fun.

There’s only one suggestion I would make, how about some new locations. I think that Cain and Abel living together in an apartment is one thing, but the meetings and battle plans seems strange set in the same apartment. And, where this is usually the part of the review where I make a crack about Steve’s mullet, I’m gonna let that go, anyone wearing a mullet in this day and age, who isn’t a Nascar driver, is obviously tough, so I ain’t messing with him!! And I can’t finish this review without mentioning the hilarious extra, ‘Four Steps To Become A Film Director’, it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time, and it proves to me that Steve needs to take his sense of humor and maybe try a full on comedy! Overall, Legends is worth checking out, despite any weaknesses in the movie, the fun of it all sucks you in, if you want to get sucked in yourself drop on over to the Dark Mullet Cinema Web Site and check it and all of Steve’s movies for yourself! So, until we meet again, I’ll be growing out my mullet in a vain attempt to get into one of Steve’s movies, remember that the best movies are bad movies!