Leprechaun (1992) – By Duane L. Martin

 The 80’s and 90’s were literally plastered with cheesy horror films. Ghoulies, Troll and others were all full of creepy little bastards chasing around some hot young teenagers trying to kill them. The monsters changed, but the plots always seemed the same. Well in this one, the movie’s main creepy little bastard is a… well… a leprechaun. I know, I know…but please try to control your shock. The Leprechaun is played by everyone’s favorite little person from the movie Willow, Warwick Davis. Unfortunately, he’s not as interesting in this film. In fact, he’s downright annoying.

The film stars Jennifer Anniston as a confirmed city girl who’s brought by her father out to the country to live with him in this old house that he bought and is currently fixing up. Well ten years earlier, the previous owners of the house, after having managed to loot the leprechaun of his gold, ended up dead. In fact, the leprechaun will kill anyone who takes his gold, and anyone else he feels like killing in an effort to gain back is most prized possession. So they ended up dead, but not before the guy managed to lock the leprechaun in a crate and place a four leaf clover on top so the leprechaun couldn’t escape.

So what happens? Well a trio of painters arrive at the house, consisting of a hot guy, a doofy guy, and a kid who was really smart and actually pretty cool for his age. They found the gold, and after the doofy guy knocks the four leaf clover off the crate, the leprechaun escapes and wants his gold back. It’s all really quite boring and standard. The whole second half of the movie is the leprechaun chasing them around and killing people, which really gets kinda old after a while.

One thing I do want to mention here is about Jennifer Anniston. Normally I can’t stand her and I think she’s an idiot. I also could never figure out why people made her out to be so much hotter than she actually is. However, in this movie, she was younger and just absolutely insanely hot. It’s worth watching the movie just to look at her. Not that that’s generally a reason to watch a movie… but still… in this case it’s about the only thing that makes it worth watching.

One thing I did like about the movie is that the characters generally weren’t stupid. This actually made for a challenging conflict between them and the leprechaun, but since he was such a tricky little bastard, all their cleverness didn’t really help them in the end. The only thing that really saved them was the fact that the kid had a slingshot and he was a good aim with it, so he was able to wrap a four leaf clover around something and shoot it into the leprechaun’s mouth.

The acting in this film was actually quite good all around..except for Warwick Davis. This wasn’t Warwick’s fault however since he was only playing the character as it was written and how he was told to. Everyone else did a really great job and actually managed to avoid a great deal of the cheesiness you’d expect in a film of this type.

The long and the short of it is, this movie was just ok. Aside from the fact that the leprechaun itself was generally annoying, this was a fairly decent movie. Would I watch it again? Maybe if I had a friend over and we just wanted something light and stupid, sure… why not? Would I watch it again on my own just because I want to? Probably not… but you never know. I’m just weird that way sometimes.


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