LeSeurdmin (2017) – By Misty Layne


Soooo, this was interesting. LESEURDMIN is a cartoon about a guy who’s life is honestly kinda crappy (minus his girlfriend, the one bright spot), who discovers a beer that has lizard venom in it, starts drinking it, and then becomes part lizard. Also there’s a whole thing with a villain named “Grillmaster” who goes to great lengths for revenge because Lizard Man drunkenly busted up his fancy schmancy bbq. Like I said – interesting.

Is it good? I think that’s really in the eye of the beholder. I personally didn’t find it to be that wonderful because I quickly got bored with the story and the amount of vomit. I dunno, it just seemed a little too long for what the story was and there were a couple of parts in there (like the gay assassin) that could’ve been cut out that wouldn’t have made much of a difference. The animation itself was well-done, though not in a style I personally find visually appealing. What was interesting is that there were moments where there were black & white drawings on screen instead of the color animation and those black & whites were SO much more awesome than the style of the animation. Not sure why it wasn’t drawn the same throughout…

So, yeah. C+ for effort because animation is freaking hard and while I didn’t like the art style, it was still drawn and animated well and voiced well. It just wasn’t the sort of thing I found particularly humorous or appealing. I’m a little tired of films where the main character(s) is an asshole that we’re supposed to root for anyway. I think it’s been overdone. I’m thinking if you enjoy things like ARCHER and comics, you might dig this though. Go friend Lizard Man on Facebook and check it out!