Let Me Die Quietly (2009) – By Cary Conley

Let Me Die Quietly is a neo-noir mystery about Mario, a depressed and suicidal psychic who is haunted by visions of murder victims’ last living moments. Expressing his volatile emotions by engaging in risky sexual behaviors, he is attempting to resolve his anguish by seeing a psychiatrist. One day he has a chance encounter with Gabrielle, a pretty ex-model going through a messy divorce. Gabrielle knows at once that Mario is seeing visions. As she explains to Mario, she also sees visions and she wants to help Mario learn to cope with his psychic power. The two hit it off and quickly become lovers, even as Mario’s mysterious visions continue to torture him. But is Gabrielle really who she seems to be? Is she really trying to help Mario? Are Mario’s visions real or just the emotional ramblings of a deranged mind?

In his directorial debut, Mitchell Reichler has created an interesting mystery/drama. Writer Charles Castillo (who also stars as Mario) has given the plot several nice twists that keep the film moving along and the viewer interested, even though the film unfolds at a deliberately languid pace. As the film progresses, the viewer discovers that all is not what it seems.

The film is filled with atmosphere, with Mario narrating his story to a priest during confession, much like classic noir is narrated by the protagonist, and the acting from the leads is solid. The musical score is superb and fits well with the film; it is both haunting and beautiful. The leisurely pacing is punctuated with brief but strong scenes of sex and violence as Mario attempts to smother his visions of death with anonymous sexual encounters with other men in porno theaters and bath houses.

Ultimately, Mario realizes, too late, what his visions are predicting, and just who the next corpse will be. Running headlong into potential disaster, will Mario be able to save the victim, or is he walking into a trap? Reichler mixes religion, sex, and death with a dash of betrayal then adds a twist at the end to finally bring this fascinating film to a close

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