Let’s Make a Movie (2012) – By Misty Layne

Have you ever wished you could do more with your life than what you’re currently doing? Maybe you always secretly wanted to paint or write a novel or make a movie but for various reasons were never able to accomplish this. What would happen if suddenly one day you decided to do what you’d always wanted regardless of what people thought or said and regardless of what exactly it cost you? Therein lies the premise of LET’S MAKE A MOVIE.

LET’S MAKE A MOVIE is the story of Cassie Thompson (played by Hallie York), a college dropout and ex-film student who is tired of being disrespected and downtrodden and who has decided that she’s had enough. In a subconscious effort to turn her life around, she decides to make a movie with a rag-tag group of friends. The only problem is the movie is impossible for her to film without a $100 million budget, and her cast and crew are neurotic and inexperienced, to say the least. Will Cassie prevail and finish her movie, or will this become another mark on her long list of failures?

As someone who is currently in pre-production on a web series, this movie was fun to watch and ultimately inspiring. It involves a lot of true to life events mixed with a few unbelievable ones (sometimes things do go wrong and continuously but pretty much everything that could go wrong goes wrong here) and involves a lot of moments that waver between heart-warming and cringe worthy (but since they’re supposed to be cringe worthy, they work). Although the overall product felt at least 20 minutes too long, ultimately the movie is an enjoyable viewing experience.

My favorite character was Eugene (Brian Cheng) as the writer of the movie script for the movie within LET’S MAKE A MOVIE. His character was the most believable and Brian was consistent throughout his entire performance. I also highly enjoyed Arielle (Jessica Coles). Arielle was a lovable ditz who just wants to meet famous people and Jessica played her to perfection. The rest of the characterizations were good but didn’t make quite as much of an impression on me.

Elana Mugdan wrote, directed and edited the film, which is more than a little bit autobiographical: she made a trilogy of impossibly complicated feature-length fantasy films while she was in high school and college. And like her protagonist Cassie, Mugdan suffered through a pointless, unpaid internship where, instead of making use of her filmmaking talents, the boss assigned her to deliver his dry cleaning. While amusing, it’s never laugh out loud hilarious but is consistent in both its humor and drama throughout.

If you enjoy a good comedy, have ever wondered how pursuing your dreams would play out or are just interested in a behind the scenes making of a movie, then LET’S MAKE A MOVIE is definitely for you. To find out more about this film, which won Best Comedy at the NYC Downtown Feature Film Festival in 2011, the Indie Spirit Aware in the Boston International Film Festival and the Indie Spirit Award at the New Hope Film Festival in 2011, visit the IMDB page, Wikipedia page or official website.