Let’s Talk About “It” (2017) – By Philip Smolen


Kavita (Deeya Day) is a 29-year old Indian psychiatrist who runs a local clinic. She and her assistant Nidhi (Anoma Pabuwal) do their best to take care of those who come to see them. But Kavita’s in a rut. She’s been getting too many patients who just complain about the negative effect social medial has on their lives. So Kavita offers them a few words of encouragement and prescribes them some meds. However, one day she hears an argument outside her office and finds Nidhi quarreling with a man named Virat (Kshitij Sharma) who wants to see Kavita immediately even though he has no appointment. The psychiatrist brings the man into her office and tries to find out what his problem is. Virat says that there is another man in the room that only he can see. And he says that this man is telling him to do evil things. Kavita tries to calm Virat down, but instead of alleviating the man’s fears, Virat passes those fears on to Kavita, and she slowly starts to see and hear things that she’s never seen or heard before.

“Let’s Talk About ‘It’” is a psychological horror film from writer/director/star Kshitij Sharma (co-written by co-star Deeya Day) and it’s delightfully creepy. The film works because the main character is someone who believes in science and logic. Kavita has been trained her whole life that there is no such thing as evil spirits or possession, so when strange things start happening to her, it’s all the more terrifying. She feels her grip on reality slipping and she doesn’t know what to do.

There are some wonderful shock scenes in the film. My favorite is when Kavita is finally convinced that there really is a malevolent spirit that hangs around Virat. Deeya Day’s reaction is so perfect that it sent a chill up my spine. There are also some great shock scenes that take place in Kavita’s apartment.

The film also features superb acting from both Deeya Day and Kshitij Sharma and contains a wonderful rendition of “Enter Sandman” by Shel. “Let’s Talk About ‘It’” plays like a feature-length version of a classic “Twilight Zone” episode. It’s a well made thriller that features some great shocks and successfully creates a wonderful mood of dread and apprehension.

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