Liars, Fires and Bears (2013) – By Duane L. Martin

Eve (Megli Micek) has a problem. She’s a young girl who’s parents have died, and she only has one relative left in the world – an older brother who she’s created this idealized image of in her head as a law student out in Colorado. After her parents died, she was adopted out to a new set of parents, who despite their best efforts of convincing her they love her, have never succeeded in actually convincing her. She’s so focused on the idea of being with her brother, that she’ll do anything to get to Colorado to be with him.

Dave (Lundon Boyd) is a guy who just doesn’t seem to have much luck. One night he’s at a bar, and after being cut off by the bartender, heads out to his car, only to find Eve sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, which she chose at random after finding the door open. She tries to lock him out, but he manages to get in the passenger seat and tries to convince her to leave. Unfortunately, she ain’t budging, and the bartender, walking out and finding him in a vehicle, calls the cops on him for drunk driving. He had told her he has a ride and he didn’t driving, and at the time, having Eve drive seemed like a good idea, so she drives him out of there, only that didn’t last long, as they were soon pulled over, and after he quickly switched seats with her and covered her with his coat in the back seat so he wouldn’t get in extra trouble for being with her, he’s arrested for drunk driving.

Basically, life takes a downward spiral for Dave at that point. So much so, that the film almost becomes a "how much can go wrong in your life all at once" story. There’s a whole series of downward spiral events after that which I don’t want to get into, because the whole point of a movie is for you to watch it, not to read about it. The long and the short of it is though, Eve tricks her parents to get them out of the house, burns the place down, and then hooks up with Dave again and basically badgers him into taking him to Colorado after he ends up on the run from the cops for being involved in a crime that he wasn’t really involved in. Well, not much anyway. Still, being on the run and having her as his only alibi was enough to convince him to take her to Colorado, where she told him about her law student brother who could help him clear everything up. As with the rest of the film however, that downward spiral just kept right on spiraling, to the point where it just became relentless. At some point you start wondering how he manages to keep going rather than just finding a closet to hang himself in. Do things work out in the end? You’ll have to see the film to find out.

This is one of those films where the continual downward spiral for the two main characters will just have you shaking your head in disbelief. Everything that can go wrong for them, eventually does, and as the film progresses, you’ll start wondering how anything could possibly resolve itself and turn out ok.

The cast in this film is just stellar, and most especially Megli Micek, who handles some rather adult material beautifully and plays off of her co-star, Lundon Boyd, perfectly. There’s this symbiotic relationship between the two that develops in a really clever and intricate way. They need each other. She needs him to get to Colorado, and he needs her to get him out of trouble with the cops. Along the way however, that mutual need actually becomes more than that. They start to care about each other and what happens to the other, and as their misadventures continue, you’ll feel yourself sucked more and more into their story, and find yourself pulling for things to somehow work out for them.

While the story may feel from time to time like it’s wandering off course, there’s always a reason for it, and it always comes back to the main path. Sometimes it may not be readily apparently why something is happening, but then you reach the payoff and it becomes instantly obvious how it all relates to advancing the plot. The whole thing just works. It’s a wonderful film, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you get a chance to see it, make sure you do so. You won’t regret it.

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