Lie With Me (2013) – By Brian Morton

We all have family issues, it doesn’t matter how idyllic your family is, there are issues there somewhere. But, Lie With me, the new movie from Jamison Brandi, takes these issues to the ultimate level.

Lie With Me is the story of a family in crisis. Mother is on her death bed and two sisters have returned home to help out and say goodbye. But there are issues from the past that are cropping up, one daughter was molested and it’s shadow has hung over her entire life, and her sister is jealous of the ‘attention’ that father was giving her sister and that’s affected her whole life. In to this swirl enters a new boyfriend who’s also a filmmaker, documenting all this turmoil. It all leads to a very strange ending, one that is very realistic.

I’m giving Lie With Me 4 out of 4 cigars, it seems that, at its heart, it’s meant to make us uncomfortable and to make us think…and it succeeds with flying colors! The story is great, the acting is amazing and the overall look of the film is beautiful. This is a movie that gives us a realistic insight into a dysfunctional family and makes us feel better about our own dysfunction, all reminding us that we all lie, whether it’s to each other or to ourselves. You can find out more by clicking here.

It’s also now available exclusively on Vimeo on Demand right here.