Life and Death (2010) – By Brian Morton

It takes a certain kind of person to make movies and then distribute them, for free, to the public. That person is either a total narcissist and their movies are generally just them talking into a camera, or they’re an artist who’s just trying to get feedback and recognition for his work. If you’re interested in the former, then keep moving, but, if you’re interested in the later, then you might want to look up David Moore’s DMPictures over on, because this is definitely a young filmmaker with talent who just needs to practice his craft, and his newest movie, Life and Death, is, by far, his best so far.

In Life and Death, David returns to his character, Eric Snipes, a man who’s so fed up with injustice that he’s become the country’s number one vigilante. This time, he’s been taken into custody by the FBI and given a choice, either hunt down Wolfgang, a villain who escaped Snipes in a previous movie, or spend the rest of his life in jail! With that kind of decision, Snipes puts together a team and begins hunting Wolfgang.

Now, these short (about an hour) movies by Moore, might be a little rough and they’re definitely low budget, but they show a promise that I hope will be fulfilled. Moore shows a sense of storytelling that most low budget filmmakers lack, and his use of music and sound (always a pet peeve of mine in low budget movies) is amazing! Hopefully, someone will give David a break and he’ll get a bit more budget and be able to expand what he’s doing, make the stories a bit deeper and build on his already great talents!

I’m giving Life and Death, 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but if you look past the rough spots, you’ll see there’s a diamond in there! You can check out Life and Death, and all of David Moore’s movies by heading over to the DMPictures YouTube page.