Light (2013) – By Brian Morton

We hear every day about unrest in the Middle East, but we never really hear much from people who are from there. Well, a new doc, Light, takes a look at Lebanon through the eyes of it’s residents.

Light is interesting, basically it’s a series of images from the country with narration from several different people, from different age groups talking about different aspects of their country. Light is different from other docs, in that, we’re not really told a story as much as we’re given impressions of the country. The visuals are stunning, the narration is often poignant, but it just fell a bit short to me. Having never been to Lebanon and, honestly, not knowing too much about the country, I felt like I was being show behind the scenes of a thing that I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

I’m sure if you’re from Lebanon this doc takes on a whole different feel. I’m giving Light 3 out of 4 cigars, if you’re familiar with Lebanon, you’ll probably love it, if you’re not, you’ll want to learn more! Find out more by heading over to